HanStone Quartz USA | 16 Kitchen Design Ideas Using Veined Quartz Countertops

Veined quartz countertops are a great alternative to traditional natural stone because you can get a similar look without the upkeep.  However, quartz did not always come in veined patterns.

Prior to the advances in technology, quartz patterns were very basic, and many consumers opted for solid colors or speckled options for their homes.

Now, it is common to see quartz countertops created with veined patterns which offers the appeal of other natural stone surfaces such as granite and marble.

What is Veining?

Veins in natural stone are a result of mineral impurities and often produce beautiful designs. Veins are a contrast to the base color of the stone, and many people looking for natural stone countertops search far and wide to find the perfect slab of veined marble or granite for their home. 

Quartz countertops make finding the perfect veining easy. As it is man-made, the veining patterns look natural, and you don’t have to settle for a pattern you don’t like.

Veined Quartz Countertops Design Ideas

Still wondering how you can incorporate this natural feature into your lifestyle? Keep reading for 16 design ideas for using veined quartz in your home.

1. Wooded Kitchen

Create a warm yet airy kitchen by pairing light patterns such as Monterey with natural materials like wood and dark metals. The subtle veining in this pattern provides just enough interest to tie the natural elements of this room to the light upper cabinets.

2. Masculine Den

Who said countertops have to be limited to the kitchen? Pair our Aura with rustic cabinets and interesting lighting features to create a wet bar for your dream man cave. 

3. Minimalist Backdrop

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is always bustling with activity. Shangri-La opens up this space when used as both the countertop and backsplash to this kitchen. Even with the activity it sees, this kitchen is soothing and relaxing.

4. Serene Kitchen

Italian Waves is the perfect touch to this classy kitchen. Pair this pattern with light cabinets to open up your space and add dark accents for balance.

5. Urban Dream

This Silhouette countertop adds balance to this bright, open space. The dark pattern contrasts nicely with the white walls and natural accents, tying together this beautiful, small space. 

6. Black and White Haven

Our Tranquility contrasts starkly with the black lower cabinets of this kitchen giving the space a nostalgic, rustic feel. Pair with neutral colors to maintain a tranquil atmosphere.

7. Hand-Made Home

The Monterey countertops complete this kitchen by remaining subtle. The natural elements of this room such as the hardwood floors and textured rug flow with the subtle veining of MONTEREY, making this pattern perfect for a carefree, relaxed home. 

8. Yin and Yang

Why choose just one quartz pattern for your kitchen? Mix veined quartz with other designs to create a perfect balance — like yin and yang. Here, the dark-veined Silhouette complements the clean lines of Royale Blanc

9. Modern Mystique

For a subtle contrast, try pairing a dark-veined pattern such as Silhouette with black cabinets. Brushed nickel hardware and fixtures provide a nice contrast between dark and light.

10. Sleek Cooktop

Clean, minimalistic design is all the rage in 2019, and our Aspen pairs perfectly with stainless appliances and modern cabinetry. Mix and match gray tones to create an industrial yet cozy atmosphere in your home.

11. Greyscale

Black cabinets with white countertops and stainless appliances provide a full range of grey tones for your space, and in turn, headspace. To add some visual interest without losing the minimal aesthetic, use a subtle veining pattern such as Brava Marfil with dark cabinets and minimalist furniture. 

12. Modern Farmhouse

Chantilly looks great in any room, but pair it with farmhouse style cabinets and a few pops of color to really make it shine.

13. Urban Nirvana

Sometimes the best accents are subtle. Our Soho complements this bright turquoise backsplash without drawing attention away from the vibrant color. Pair with open shelving and natural elements to find the perfect balance between order and chaos.

14. Tuscan Chef’s Station

Looking for something reminiscent of the rolling hills of Tuscany? Classic Statue can add interest to any home. Pair with classic architectural elements such as arches or brushed metal hardware.

15. Indoor Waterfall

Quartz doesn’t have to be limited to countertops. Allow your favorite pattern, such as Strato, to create a “waterfall” in your kitchen. Having a full-quartz island and cabinets creates an airy, almost celestial atmosphere in your home.

16. Bright and Cheery

While stark contrasts often create modern spaces, a more subtle contrast such as these light cabinets paired with our Mercer creates a modern yet timeless aesthetic. Opt for stainless appliances and interesting fixtures to keep your space feeling bright and new.

Did any of our design ideas spark your interest? The best thing about HanStone Quartz is the variety — there is a pattern for every space. 

Check out our color portfolio to find the perfect pattern for your lifestyle.


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