At Hyundai L&C, we are dedicated to creating a new lifestyle culture with the simple mission of creating satisfied customers and a more abundant world. If we can make one small part of your world more beautiful, we are humbled, and we say thank you. With that in mind, we are proud to introduce our newest designs 'Opimo Collection'. Using the latest technology, we have created a groundbreaking new chapter in quartz surfacing. By utilizing this technology, we focus more on depth and translucency to create designs you've never seen before. Today, we invite you to become a part of this new experience, and with you, we are raising the bar on surfacing design.
Inspired from the Latin word, 'Opimus', the Opimo Collection presents the abundance of nature's variety and depth. The translucent qualities of quartzite are captured by Opimo in a manner that has never been seen in quartz surfacing. The natural color variations in each new design offer limitless possibilities to any design environment. Introducing the 5 new designs from HanStone Quartz.

Unleash your creativity
with HanStone colors