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8 Incredible Benefits of Solid Surface Showers

Solid surface materials are best known for their use as kitchen countertops or reception desks, but their applications can go way beyond that. Shower walls are another amazing use for solid surface materials.

Solid Surface Shower Benefits

As an integral part of your bathroom, you want your shower to stand the test of time. Durable and versatile, solid surface showers come with a long list of benefits.

1. Nonporous

Bathtubs and showers are obviously a high moisture area. One of the most important benefits of solid surface materials is that they are a nonporous blend of resins, fillers, and pigments. This means that moisture won’t be able to penetrate the surface. Additionally, solid surface shower pans never need to be sealed, therefore eliminating the need to reseal throughout their life, making them a great low-maintenance option. 

2. Seamless Appearance

seamless bathroom sink and countertop

While many believe solid surface products, including bathtubs, bathtub surrounds, wall panels, and shower pans are seamless, it is unlikely that they’ve been manufactured as a solid piece. But solid surface materials can be installed so that seams are virtually invisible, creating the illusion of seamlessness and reducing the number of nooks and crannies you’ll have to clean.

3. One Stop Shop

Some showers mix different materials such as fiberglass or tile in the design and while this can create a custom look, it can also create a variety of problems. Different materials require different cleaners and cleaning techniques. Or they may need to be replaced or repaired at different times, creating extra work to keep your bathroom in beautiful condition.

Solid surface showers, however, can meet all of your needs in one material. Solid surface materials can form bathtubs, solid surface shower pans, and solid surface shower enclosures. 

No matter your needs, you will find a solid surface material that will meet them.

4. Highly Customizable

solid surface shower wall panels

Solid surface shower wall options are incredibly diverse. A wide range of colors and patterns are available for solid surface showers. They can mimic the look of natural stone, like granite or marble. They can look like regular tile or subway tile. Or they can be a solid color. The solid surface tub or shower pan can then be customized to perfectly compliment the solid surface shower wall panels.

Solid surface materials can also be thermoformed. This means that no matter the size or shape of your shower, a solid surface shower can be designed to fit your specific dimensions and contours creating the best solid surface shower walls, bathtubs, and shower pans for your bathroom.

Shower pans can be further customized to your desired height, allowing accessibility for almost everyone.

5. Easy to Install

Despite the best of intentions, a DIY project can easily run off the rails due to a lack of proper tools. One of the benefits of solid surface panels, pans, and tubs is that they can be cut and customized with standard woodworking tools such as jigsaws, drills, and drill bits. 

If you decide to install your solid surface panels on your own, you can easily cut faucet holes with a standard drill and hole saw bit. 

6. Can Be Refinished

The term solid surface refers to the fact that the material is continuous throughout. So in the event that the walls become scratched, they can be sanded and refinished to remove imperfections and restore their look.

A bathroom installation or renovation is a process that comes with a lot of decisions and a lot of labor. So knowing that the shower you choose can be refinished and revitalized, helps increase peace of mind when selecting it.

7. Grout Free

Since custom solid surface shower surrounds can be customized to mimic the look of tile or stone but without the grout, you can enjoy the beautiful design without the cleaning and maintenance required of grout. Solid surface shower panels can give you the look without the hassle.

8. Safe and Non Slip

The high gloss shine usually associated with solid surface countertops feeds the misconception that a solid surface shower pan will be too slippery to be practical in a shower. On the contrary, the solid surface material can be lightly textured, making it safe and comfortable for your daily showers.

Solid Surface Showers

Solid surface showers rival other shower wall materials such as fiberglass or tile because they are low maintenance, safe, and will stand up to many years of use, whether in a personal home, locker room, or fitness center.

From the lack of maintenance needed to the customizable and visually appealing patterns and textures, a solid surface shower will complete the look of your bathroom for years to come. They stand up to years of use and are easily refinished if necessary, giving you even more value for your initial investment.

For more ideas on incorporating a solid surface shower wall in your space, contact Hanex Solid Surfaces to speak with an expert.

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