19 Solid Surface Countertop Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and we recognize that finding the perfect surface for your space is often a challenge.

Acrylic solid surface is a great alternative to natural stone surfaces and can be fabricated into almost any design you can imagine. At Hanex Solid Surfaces, we make products to elevate your life.

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop Ideas 

Here are a few ideas for your kitchen:

1. Rustic Noir Solid Surface Kitchen Sink

solid surface kitchen countertop

Solid surface countertops pair well with patterned cabinets. Choose a light color to bring out the soft tones in the cabinets and pair with an interesting faucet to tie the look together.

2. Clever Contrast

While acrylic solid surfaces can be used to create custom fabrications such as sinks, you can also pair the material with a stainless steel sink and faucet for a sharp contrast. The natural tones in this pattern are highlighted by the industrial shine of the stainless accents.

3. Beautiful Beige

Sometimes, a simple contrast is just what your space needs to feel cozy. These solid surface countertops are similar in color to the paint color on the walls and feature a curved edge. The contrast between the cabinets and countertops is subtle — all of which add to the warmth of the space. 

4. Light and Airy

White cabinets with white countertops and white walls opens up a space unlike any other combination. These solid surface countertops feature squared-off edges, which are complemented by the squared-off cabinetry hardware. Touches like this will create harmony in your space that is subtle and refreshing!

5. Mid-Century Modern

White solid surface countertops paired with a medium-tone wood creates a feeling of nostalgia in your kitchen. Touches such as the squared-off countertops and the white upper cabinets give this room a thoughtful, finished look that is uninterrupted by a busy, patterned countertop.

6. Minimal Beauty

solid surface kitchen countertops

Repeated patterns and themes really set a good space apart from a great space. Use repeated shapes to tie your kitchen together. Here, there are several repeated patterns — squared-off edges of solid surface countertops, square stove and hood, square sinks, etc. These design elements give this space an intentional look.

7. Thick and Thin

Acrylic solid surface countertops are normally provided in a ½” thickness. Use this to your advantage to create countertops to complement other sleek design elements in your kitchen. You can even create an entire solid surface dining table!

8. Farmhouse Sink

As stated before, acrylic solid surface comes in a ½” thickness, but it can be built up to create the appearance of a thicker edge. Here, the countertop is much thicker than usual and is the centerpiece of this kitchen. A farmhouse sink nestles deeply into the cabinet and attracts your eye to the beautiful design of the solid surface fabrication.

9. Natural Elements

Solid surface is a great alternative to natural stone and comes in patterns resembling granite and marble (without the maintenance or cost). You can even fabricate your cabinets out of your favorite solid surface pattern. Here, the bottom cabinets are made entirely of a marble-esque solid surface pattern. Dark wood on the upper cabinets provides a sharp contrast that gives this space a luxurious aesthetic.

10. Brighten Up

Light colors make small spaces look larger. Pair a light patterned solid surface with white or light-colored cabinets to make a small space feel larger. With bright lights, a sparsely decorated countertop, and natural touches, your tiny space is sure to feel limitless.

11. Mix and Match

Solid surface is a great option for countertops, but they also work wonderfully as covered backdrops. To add some visual interest to your kitchen, mix and match patterns. Pair with interesting cabinets to tie the look together.

12. Natural Haven

Mixing natural textures can make your indoor space feel fresh and restorative. Solid surface is available in a variety of colors and patterns that emulate natural textures — use it for countertops, backsplashes, or entire walls!

13. Traditional American

Pair a simple, tan solid surface with dark wood cabinets to create a traditional kitchen. You can even use the same solid surface for the backsplash beneath your cabinets to cut down on clean-up time and simplify your space!

14. Black and White

Countertops are often chosen in light colors and patterns, but pairing dark worktops with white cabinets adds a dramatic, yet stylish touch. Pair with an interesting backdrop to tie the look together. 

15. Wonderful Waterfalls

Choose an acrylic solid surface countertop to “waterfall” over the side of your kitchen cabinets. This is a great statement piece for a modern kitchen.

16. Spectacular Speckles

Solid surface comes in a variety of fun patterns, including speckles! This is a great option to add some interest to your kitchen counters without causing a distraction. Choose a backdrop that shares some of the colors in the solid surface worktop to create a subtle harmony between all of your design elements.

17. Sharp and Modern

There are so many unique, modern design elements to choose from these days, like glossy, sharp edged cabinets. Pair your bold cabinet choice with a beautiful solid surface kitchen countertop featuring squared-off edges.

18. Retro Workspace

The great thing about solid surface countertops is that you can find a pattern to fit your unique personality. Choose a design with fun colors to complement the other design attributes in your home!

19. Bold and Beautiful

Don’t settle for thin countertops — be bold with a thick solid surface! You can make a statement by choosing a sharp contrast to your other design elements, whether in color or thickness.

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