21 Quartz Kitchen Islands: Ideas to Inspire Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen islands add function, versatility, and style to the room. They dominate the area and make you take notice. For this reason, many homeowners choose to highlight their island by choosing cabinets and counters that will help it stand out.

Because this space often gets so much use, it makes sense to choose a material that is as durable as it is beautiful. Quartz kitchen islands are low maintenance and come in a range of colors and styles. With quartz, you can achieve your goal of a fashionable and functional space.


Check out these 21 quartz kitchen islands. Meant to inspire, these islands will show you what may be possible in your own space.

1. Classic White Design

quartz kitchen islands

The look of a classic white kitchen will never go out of style. A white quartz countertop with subtle gray veining, like this Monterey counter, adds just enough depth to let it stand out from the white cabinets. The white marble backsplash ties it all together effortlessly.

2. Contemporary White

quartz kitchen island

White kitchen islands aren’t confined to simply traditional or transitional kitchens. This Aurora Snow countertop is the perfect complement to a more modern design. The light color pairs well with the light colored wood and open space to create a light, inviting atmosphere.

3. Bright White Kitchen

dream white kitchen

Bright white kitchens have long been popular for lofts and other modern spaces. This Yorkville countertop has a cream tone with a subtle pale grey cabinet base to coordinate. The rest of the walls are bright white, with only some natural wood showing. The result is a very minimalist design.

4. Rustic Modern Design

dream kitchen ideas

Rustic Modern design has been increasing in popularity for the last several years. In the kitchen, that can often mean blending things like exposed wood beams in the ceiling with sleek, contemporary appliances.

White quartz that looks like marble is the perfect addition to this design. The bright white color helps blend in with the more contemporary aspects, while the gray veins let it match the more rural aspect, as well.

5. Contrasting Design

One of the best things about adding an island to the design of the room is the ability to switch up the color scheme. In this case, the warm wood of the perimeter is contrasted with a gray island, and a white and gray marble-look quartz countertop. The result is a dynamic, eye catching room.

6. Crisp White Waterfall

Waterfall countertops are an attractive way to highlight your island. By cascading the countertop over one side, you bring out more of its color and presence in the room.

In this case, the bright white quartz countertop picks up the other clean white lines in the room. This, in turn, creates a very cohesive design.

7. Monochromatic Grays

One of the most popular neutral tones for the last few years has been gray. Gray has more personality than beige, but still allows for a lot of room for personal expression. This kitchen features many shades of gray, as well as many textures. This includes a smooth gray quartz counter that helps set the tone for the rest of the room.

8. Multi-Dimensional Design

kitchen ideas with island

Island countertops don’t need to be a single, flat surface. This unique design features not only a built-up counter, but also a waterfall and a column. Together, they bring a geometric interest to the island that helps it stand out more from the rest of the kitchen.

9. Softly Colored

colored kitchen islands

Kitchens are often the gathering place of the entire family. So, it may make sense to want to include approachable, warm, soft tones in the room. This makes the area feel more like home to many people. The soft beige countertop on this oversized island does just that, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the room.

10. Deep, Rich Design

island countertop ideas

While many people enjoy light-colored kitchens, dark colors can also be stunning, when  done right. This kitchen features a lot of deep grays offset with warm natural wood. The quartz counter on the island is a deep black with white veins. The white helps soften the counter visually, letting it fit in better with the rest of the room.

11. Black and White Island

This dramatic kitchen features an island with black painted cabinetry. This is topped by a bright, snowy white quartz countertop. The contrast between the two colors draws and focuses the eye. The design is completed by soft gray and white marble, and bright brass faucets and hardware, breaking up the monochromatic scheme.

12. Long Island Counter

Long, thin kitchens like this one look their best when the island matches the rest of the room’s dimensions. The sleek white quartz countertop pairs well with the length of the surface. Its subtle colors help keep the long surface from becoming overly busy, while the hints of gray pick up the color of the walls.

13. Soft White Island Counter

This room features bright white cabinetry contrasted with a warm, deep wood floor. Helping to bridge the gap between the two is the island countertop. The soft, off white color warms up the center of the room. This keeps the contrast between the floors and the cabinets from becoming too stark and overpowering the space.

14. A Visually Quiet Spot

There’s a lot going on in this kitchen. The geometric black and white backsplash is definitely the focal point of the space. Too much color or movement elsewhere in the room and the entire design would overpower the room.

The light quartz island countertop helps create a visually quiet area in the center of the space. Aptly named Tranquility, this counter picks up the colors in the room, but softly and subtly. This helps prevent the design from getting too busy.

15. T-Shaped Island

This large kitchen clearly has a lot of occupants on a regular basis. The island is made up of two sets of cabinets set perpendicularly to one another. This means that the island counter must be shaped into a T to follow the lines and allow for seating on three sides.

While many stone counters can’t handle being overhung on three sides like this without bending or cracking, quartz is durable enough to handle the job. Now, everyone can find a place to sit and enjoy the space.

16. Soft and Subtle Island Counter

This kitchen features many shades of gray, including a prominent marble backsplash and gray island. To complement these without overpowering the room, a white quartz counter is used. The subtle gray veins in the counter tie it in with the rest of the room, but the crisp white background behind them helps it stand out.

17. Warm, Rich Counters

This kitchen features many shades of gray, including a prominent marble backsplash and gray island. To complement these without overpowering the room, a white quartz counter is used. The subtle gray veins in the counter tie it in with the rest of the room, but the crisp white background behind them helps it stand out.

18. Warm Island Complement

The island in this kitchen is a dark brown. This contrasts the lighter cabinets around the perimeter of the room. Therefore, the island countertop needs to tie the two areas together, complementing the dark brown, while remaining light enough to work with the rest of the space. The soft, subtly warm colors and pattern of the quartz do the job effortlessly.

19. Richly Transitional Design

This kitchen has a warm, slightly rustic appearance. It’s kept from being fully rustic by the clean lines used throughout the space.

The island countertop, therefore, needs to bridge the gap between the two distinct styles to help pull everything together. The light, warm colored quartz does just that, keeping the room from getting too dark at the same time.

20. Sleek Island Topper

This contemporary, open kitchen features a very sleek center island. The rich, warm gray color of the island is perfectly complemented by the veins in the quartz countertop. Because the counter is so large, turning at an angle to offer seating, the light color helps prevent the center of the room from becoming too dark. This is important when using a dark colored island cabinet like this one, even when the room has abundant natural light.

21. Island Focus

When you paint your kitchen island an eye catching color, the entire area becomes the focus of the design. That means that the counter you use needs to not only match the island, but also help maintain the look and tone you want for the rest of the room.

Because the rest of this kitchen is light in color, the quartz counter is, as well. This helps create a more cohesive design, while the colors within the counter pick up and complement the color used on the island itself.

Create Your Dream Island with Quartz

Kitchen islands are made for use. Cooking, prepping, eating, or just hanging out – they get a lot of day to day activity. So make sure that your kitchen island is as durable as it is beautiful. Quartz countertops are low maintenance and impervious to most stains and typical kitchen usage.

With so many colors and styles of quartz to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one that fits your island’s design. Choose quartz counters when creating your dream kitchen island and create the ideal area for your home.

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