White and Grey Quartz Countertops: 13 Inspirational Design Ideas

There’s nothing quite like the classic look of white and grey marble. This iconic style can be found everywhere, but as many people know, it isn’t always the most durable material. As people search to find a material that has that look plus the durability, white and grey colored quartz countertops have become more and more popular. It can come in a variety of styles, just like white and grey marble. Depending on the design you’re creating, you’ll find that there’s a white and grey countertop that will fit in beautifully.

Selecting Your Color

Just like marble, white and grey quartz comes in a range of styles and veining. This is a positive, because it means you can subtly tweak a design in the direction you’re after by choosing one color over another.

For example, if you’re looking for a slightly warmer look in the kitchen where the countertop wouldn’t contrast too much with wood cabinets, a color like Brava Marfil could do the job. This quartz has a nearly taupe background, which makes it slightly warmer than other white and grey countertops. It would blend in nicely with wood tones.

If you want to create a look with the more classic white and grey color combination, then Campina can be a great fit. This color has great balance between the earthines and soft ivory veins that won’t overwhelm the space.

Montauk can produce a very soft, traditional look in the kitchen or bathroom. It has a pearl background that is subtly different from other shades. This, combined with its grey veins gives it more depth.

White and Grey Quartz Countertop Design Ideas

White and grey quartz can be used in a variety of ways and in a number of settings. Combine it with traditional or contemporary cabinetry to make your personal statement in your home. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider any of these 13 designs.

1. Light Maximizing

One thing that a white quartz countertop can help with is maximizing the light in the room. Reflective surfaces in light colors help brighten spaces. When used as a large island countertop like in this kitchen above, the quartz becomes not only the focal point but a source of brightness.

2. Sleek Contemporary Design

Many people associate white and grey countertops with traditional spaces, but that doesn’t have to be true. Using a soft, taupe-based quartz countertop along with light-colored cabinetry can create a striking and modern look.

3. Clean Lines in the Bathroom

This bathroom design features a lot of repeating shapes. Clean, rectangular lines are seen again and again in a mix of colors. This quartz countertop perfectly complements those colors and helps add to the sleek, clean lines in the room by facilitating an undermounted rectangular sink.

4. Contrast with Charm

This kitchen has a lot of very sleek polished surfaces and contemporary lines. It needs the softer tone of the white and grey quartz countertop to offset those features.

5. Tone-on-Tone

Grey is one of the most popular colors for all areas of the home. It’s neutral with more depth and interest than beige. However, too much grey can overwhelm an area which is why this white and grey countertop paired with grey cabinets is such a good fit. It creates a tone-on-tone look keeping the space light and clean.

6. Warmer Design

White and grey countertops don’t have to be reserved for cool-toned spaces. This warm room features lots of natural woodwork, rich dark tones, and white and grey countertops that also have a hint of brown. The result is clean, contemporary, and very welcoming.

7. An Updated Classic

White and grey countertops are one of the most classic looks. This kitchen uses them to create a slightly fresher, more updated take on the traditional kitchen. The grey-toned cabinets and glass backsplash are contemporary, while the traditional colors of the countertop keep the room from becoming fully modern.

8. Clean, Open Lines

White countertops are a spectacular choice when you’re looking to maximize light and an open, airy feeling in the home. This open floor plan uses an island countertop to break up and define the space. The white and grey countertop fits right in with the rest of the design while adding a little interest and movement - perfect for its position in the space.

9. Complementary Design

Some of the richest and most dynamic designs add complementary materials and colors. In this kitchen, the color of the cabinets picks up the darker veins in the countertop. Up above, the backsplash takes on some of the lighter hues which means that the countertop is the one unifying piece between the two sections and adds a lot of interest and unity to the design.

10. Classic Design

There is no denying that a white marble-look countertop is one of the most classic and traditional styles around. This kitchen makes great use of a white enamel sink and an oil-rubbed bronze faucet paired with a classic white and grey quartz. The design has richness and depth as well as traditional appeal.

11. Cool Tone Contrast

Wood work is a popular feature in many kitchens. It’s warm and inviting and has universal appeal. This wood has a grey undertone to it that cools it down slightly. This sets the stage for a cool contrast to the rest of the tones with a white and grey countertop on the center island.

12. White on White

One way to create a subtle and classic look in a space is to use white quartz countertops with white cabinetry. The white on white look is bright, eye-catching, and attractive. The added grey veins of the countertop bring a little movement and dimension to the design and keep it from getting too stark.

13. Contemporary Elegance

Having a contemporary kitchen doesn’t mean your space is cold or sterile. Sometimes it means using very clean lines and minimal colors. In this case, the white quartz countertop has a contemporary flare when added to the grey and white shaker-style cabinets. The effect is classic but fresh and modern at the same time.

Update Your Design with White and Grey Quartz Countertops

With the many styles and shades of white and grey quartz countertops available, it’s possible to find one that will fit any space. Whether your look is contemporary or classic, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit. Consider adding a white and grey quartz countertop to your home to capture this beauty and style for yourself.

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