9 Ideas for Incorporating Solid Surfaces into Your Bathroom

Your home should be a place that inspires and comforts you. At Hanex Solid Surfaces, we believe that every space should elevate your life’s experience, whether that means improving the aesthetics of your space or making it easier to care for. 

With Hanex Solid Surfaces, you’ll receive both. Our extensive color portfolio and high-quality materials ensure your products are both beautiful and functional. 

While other materials work well for countertops, acrylic solid surface provides something many natural stone options cannot — flexibility. Create sinks, tubs, and interesting designs using solid surface. Unlike other options, solid surface can be molded to fit your vision. You don’t have to work around the limitations of natural stone when working with acrylic solid surface.

From kitchen to bathroom, Hanex Solid Surfaces has a variety of options to make your dream space become a reality.

Solid Surface Bathroom Sink and Countertop Design Ideas

Here are a few solid surface ideas for your bathroom:

1. Well Rounded

solid surface bathroom sink

Create a custom fabrication such as this solid surface sink and pair it with a fun wallpaper to create a space that flows naturally. The contrasting colors draw attention not only to the wallpaper pattern, but also the beautiful simplicity of the countertop.

2. It’s Hip to Be Square

Sinks aren’t limited to circular shapes. With Hanex Solid Surfaces, the sky's the limit with design options. Pair a modern, rectangular sink with squared off fixtures to create a modern, clean design.

3. A Place for Beauty

solid surface bathroom countertop

Create the perfect space for your morning routine with solid surfaces. This design incorporates a thick solid surface countertop with a sink incorporated into the sleek, minimal design — the perfect piece for a dreamy space like this.

4. Gradient Haven

Use grey scale solid surfaces to create an ethereal space for relaxation. Pair a simple solid surface pattern with other naturally light, airy design elements to open up your space and ensure your bathroom is an at-home haven. Plus, using solid surface around your bathroom makes cleaning a breeze — just wipe your Hanex Solid Surfaces down with your favorite household cleaner. 

5. Mix and Match

Solid surface is not limited to bathroom countertops. You can also use Hanex Solid Surfaces as backsplashes in your shower! Try using one pattern for your countertops and another pattern as a backsplash for a clean yet interesting design. Plus, using slabs of your favorite solid surface minimizes cleaning effort in the shower! Solid surface does not harbor harmful bacteria, and you won’t have hard water stains to scrub away from grout.

6. Floating Fixtures

Why disrupt the beauty of your solid surface bathroom counter with bulky fixtures? To emphasize the design of your fabricated sink, use wall-mounted fixtures. This also will give your space a modern, sleek design. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cleaning around the pesky edges of traditional fixtures. 

7. Compare and Contrast

Hanex Solid Surfaces is crisp and fresh. Emphasize this feature with a dramatic backdrop and floating fixtures. Because solid surface can be fabricated into virtually any shape, choose an interesting sink design to make your bathroom unique. Finally, perch your countertops on sleek cabinets to tie this modern look together.

8. To Infinity and Beyond

Looking to open up a small space? Try using a light-colored solid surface. Mounting your sink and counter on the wall will open up the space. Here, the elongated surface is paired with mirrors lining the entire wall. The natural light from the window is reflected in the mirrors, and the light countertop and appliances really make this small space feel infinite.

9. Dramatic Display

Why limit your Hanex Solid Surfaces to countertops? Use a simple pattern to create an interesting sink fabrication and choose a visually interesting pattern to use as a backsplash. Here, subtle touches, such as the shelf behind the sink, tie the space together and give it a cozy feeling.

Why Choose Hanex?

At Hanex Solid Surfaces, we are always working to improve our products, which we believe can elevate your life. Not only will our product beautify your space, they will also minimize the need for maintenance and care.

Every sheet is engineered to be nonporous and tough. They will not breed bacteria, and they are easy to clean and care for. You no longer have to worry about harmful bacteria gathering on your bathroom surfaces. And because our solid surface is intentionally engineered for functionality, your level of effort for cleaning is minimized, and your time for the more important parts of life is maximized.

With Hanex Solid Surfaces, you have a variety of options to create the bathroom of your dreams. Solid colors and natural-looking patterns give you virtually limitless options to create the perfect countertop or backsplash for your home. View our complete portfolio of color options and begin building your dream space today! 

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