8 Examples of How Gray Quartz Countertops Can Complete A Kitchen’s Design

For the last several years, gray has been the hottest color in interior design. It has earned this position due to its versatility and flexibility in transforming spaces. Whether it’s the use of a cool, crisp gray to brighten up a space or a deep, warm gray to create a moody atmosphere - its ability to beautifully blend with all design aesthetics makes it a winner. For homeowners who don’t want to introduce a true color into their design, but want something a little more interesting than beige, gray is up to the job.

This is true everywhere in the home, including in the kitchen, where gray cabinets and countertops can create beautiful designs that range from traditional to contemporary in style. While there are many natural stone varieties, that are gray in color, they often lack consistency, which can make it hard to get the look you’re after. Natural stone also requires sealing and frequent maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Gray Quartz Countertop Design Ideas

That’s why gray quartz countertops have seen a big surge in popularity. Quartz is uniform, durable, and low maintenance as well as beautiful. It comes in many shades of gray and can be used in a variety of kitchen designs. Check out these eight gray quartz countertop design ideas to get inspiration for your next kitchen update.

1. Quiet Gray Field

This gray, monochromatic kitchen includes a fieldstone wall and textured cabinetry. So, while a gray countertop certainly fits the theme, it’s deep hue and smooth finish provide the balance needed to anchor the space.

This solid gray quartz countertop does the job perfectly. It’s a rich, deep color that picks up the darkest colors in the fieldstone, but has no veining or secondary colors, which might become too busy in the already multi-textural space.

2. Coordinating Color

Subtle design can be just as striking as a more dramatic approach when it’s done correctly. In this case, the countertop and the cabinets are analogous shades of gray, meaning that they sit just beside one another in a gray scale. And, related to the countertops, we love how designers are painting woodwork (in gray) to really pull together the color theme of the space.

The use of various shades add richness to the room, without the need for detail or pattern. This quiet, coordinating style means that the room has depth, but not enough to create chaos.

3. Monochromatic Design

This kitchen takes its color cues from the hexagon field tile on the floor. The tiles are all varying shades of gray, with warm and cool tones mixed together along with lights and darks. The rest of the space uses these same colors, with the countertop picking up the lightest shade of gray.

The result is monochromatic and modern, but also interesting. The different tones work together with the one unifying element of the floor. The solid gray countertop not only picks up the color, it also provides a calm area where a more busy countertop would clash.

4. Island Focus

When you have a very large island like the one in this space, it tends to become an automatic focal point in the design. For that reason, it sometimes helps to have a countertop that can play up that focus and add additional interest to the design.

This light-colored countertop is a blend of gray and white flecks in a playful pattern on the surface. It perfectly complements the deep blue color of the island (a hot trend) and adds the movement and interest that a central focus like this needs to come to life.

5. Minimalist Design

This transitional kitchen has a lot of very sleek, clean lines, as well as a white and gray monochromatic color scheme. It also has an island that is not interrupted by a sink or cooktop, completing a very minimal design.

The medium gray quartz countertop adds the perfect touch to the room. The color matches the monochromatic scheme, while at the same time the texture and calm pattern of the quartz also match the minimalist design. It creates a quiet oasis in the middle of the room and a resting place for the eye.

6. Colorful Undertones

One of the reasons that gray is such a popular color is its ability to take on different hues in its undertone. Gray can be warm or cool, or it can trend toward brown, blue, or green while still remaining neutral.

The island in this kitchen has a subtle, green/gray color, so it needs a countertop that can play with that and create cohesive style. The gray quartz picks up the color and amplifies it. The color is distinctly gray, but paired with the island, it takes on a green hue that adds depth to the kitchen.

7. Adding Contrast

The quartz countertop island in this kitchen is a color that bridges the gap between beige and gray. Sometimes known as “greige” this is a popular color for homeowners that want something warmer than true gray.

On the far wall of the adjoining room is a rich gray/green color that is also a little warmer than a true gray. Therefore, the countertop needs to cool down the design slightly, while still coordinating with the cabinet and the far wall. The quartz countertop pulls this off perfectly, adding just the right amount of contrast, but without adding a lot of grain or pattern that could detract from the design.

8. Contemporary Style

Gray countertops are one of the ideal touches in a contemporary design. But the real appeal of these quartz countertops isn’t just in their color, it’s in their ability to form a waterfall side or edge on the counters in the room.

Waterfall countertops are stylish, interesting, and slightly unusual. Paired with the sleek gray color and high sheen, they complete this contemporary kitchen design with ease.

Get the Ideal Gray Counters

Gray quartz countertops have many shades, hues, and styles from which to choose. This makes it easy to complement and complete any kitchen design. Get the right finishing touch for your kitchen with a gray Hanstone Quartz countertop to get the best design possible.


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