The Beauty of Black Solid Surface Countertops

Black solid surface is a great option for residences and commercial spaces. Black solid surfacing is chic and makes a striking impact because it is bold compared to other materials often used. 

Modern, urban, and contemporary are some adjectives used to describe black surfacing, and it adds substance and depth to a room than you cannot find with any other color tones. Continue reading to learn more about the residential and commercial applications for black solid surface countertops.

Residential Applications

Black solid surface countertops can make a bold statement in any room of the home. In the kitchen, black solid surface countertops can often feel overbearing, but with intentional styling, they can make a bold, beautiful statement. When designing your space, be sure to balance your black countertops with other colors and materials in the room so that your kitchen does not feel dark and claustrophobic. 

Many parents who have small children that are prone to spills and messes prefer black countertops because they hide dirt and grime, do not stain easily, and hide cracks more easily than other colors and patterns. Black is a practical option for many spaces because of its camouflage ability.

Residential Design Ideas Utilizing Black Solid Surface Countertops 

Here are a few design ideas for incorporating black solid surface countertops into your home:


If you don’t balance your black countertops with other design elements, your kitchen (or room containing black countertops) can often feel dark and claustrophobic. This space cleverly uses design elements in various shades of gray to create a visual balance. Other additions, such as the track lighting brighten up this space and give it a practical, homey feel. 

Natural Influence

This is a beautiful black speckled pattern that “waterfalls” off the side of this kitchen island. The speckled pattern is reminiscent of granite and gives the usually industrial look of black solid surface a more natural feeling. The granite-esque solid surface paired with light wood really gives this kitchen a modern aesthetic and brings the outdoors in.

Mature Luxury

Darker colors in interior design are often seen as more serious and mature, and both of those adjectives describe this kitchen. The dark cabinets paired with the black speckled solid surface countertops create a harmony between the cabinetry and countertops, while the subtle contrast of stainless appliances and earth-tone tiles add to the warm, luxurious aesthetic of this kitchen without making it feel dark or claustrophobic.

Urban Modern

Everything about this kitchen screams modern and urban. From the squared stove hood to the sharp-edged cabinetry, this kitchen is a practical workhorse. The contrast here is the stainless cabinetry and light floors and walls vs. the dark cabinetry and countertops. The black solid surface countertops make a statement without drawing attention to themselves. 

Bright and Balanced

In this kitchen, two different black solid surfaces are used — one for countertops and the other for a backsplash. Utilizing black countertops in this kitchen is a practical choice. The space itself is narrow, and black may not have been the best choice for this space because of its size. However, this practical color choice is balanced with white upper cabinets and natural wood lower cabinets to ensure the space doesn’t feel smaller than it is. Bright overhead lighting also adds to this space, which lacks natural light. Each element in this kitchen is carefully chosen so that the space is neither too dark nor too bright. It is the perfect balance of modern styles.

Commercial Applications

Commercially, black solid surfaces work great for reception areas and other heavily trafficked spaces because it conceals cracks, hides dirt and grime, and does not stain easily. Reception areas in offices and clinics are some of the most heavily trafficked commercial areas and are prone to damage from excessive use.

Customers may scuff the front of the reception area with their shoes or scratch and damage the surface from leaning, writing, or placing items on the countertop. The dark color will conceal any dirt from shoes, and scratches and ink from pens on the desktop are less visible on dark material.

Commercial Design Ideas Utilizing Black Solid Surface Countertops

Here are a few design ideas for incorporating black solid surface into your commercial space:

Modern Banquet Room

This is an interesting application for a black solid surface, as it is a dining top for a rooftop restaurant. The black is a stark contrast to the glass ceiling, red cabinetry and white accents. The combination of all of these elements gives this space a modern and unique zen aesthetic.

Practical Package Counter

Perhaps one of the most practical applications we’ve seen, this postal service uses a black solid surface for its entire reception desk. This desk likely sees tons of traffic, as customers bring packages to the counter and slide them across, lean on the countertop as they sign for packages or wait, and probably scuff the front with their shoes from time to time. Because of its resistance to stains and dirt and has the ability to conceal cracks and scratches, this is a perfect application for black solid surfacing.

Clean Slate

This black solid surface is reminiscent of a nebula and is the perfect backdrop for product shoots or work meetings. Use an aesthetically pleasing black solid surface in your commercial space to give your office a versatile worktop for photo shoots, meetings, creative projects, and more!

Bold Welcome

This reception area is overwhelmingly bright and cleverly clads its reception desk with a  black solid surface. Though the desktop is still white, the base is black. Not only does this provide visual contrast, but it also provides a practical, easy-to-maintain asset to this commercial space. The reception desk is often the most-visited place in an office, and having a dark base will keep it from looking shabby from scuff marks or scratches.

Futuristic Washroom

It kind of makes you feel like you’re on a spaceship, doesn’t it? This designer cleverly paired a black solid surface sink with slate wall tiles and hidden lighting. The subtle contrast of the white sink and grout makes this commercial restroom not only a necessity but a destination.

Why Choose Solid Surface Countertops?

There are many different surfacing materials on the market, so why should you choose a solid surface countertop? There are a few reasons, but perhaps the biggest reasons are its affordability and durability.

Solid surface countertops are a fraction of the cost of similar-looking materials such as granite and marble, and they require much less maintenance. While granite and marble need to be sealed to maintain their luster and durability, a solid surface countertop requires no sealing or polishing. If you have a spill, just wipe it down with warm water and mild soap. 

This man-made material is also scratch-, stain-, and heat-resistant. Because of their durability, your solid surface countertops will look great for years, and if you happen to have an accident that causes a chip or a crack, you can have them easily repaired by a certified solid surface repair technician.

Solid surface countertops are also more affordable than natural stone countertops. While solid surface does contain some natural minerals, its uniqueness comes from its high-performance acrylic base. The acrylic resin works as a binding agent for those natural minerals and allows the surfacing material to be shaped into a variety of forms, including curves and interesting angles. Because it is a man-made product, solid surfacing is much more affordable than the natural stone options and is consistent in color and pattern from sheet to sheet.

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