Unveiling New Colors of Elegance: Hyundai L&C's Timeless Quartz Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen

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Selecting the right countertops is more than just having functional surfaces—it's about adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Your choice of countertops significantly influences your kitchen design's style and practicality. Hyundai L&C USA, a trusted expert in quartz countertops, has recently unveiled three captivating colors: Riviere, Antello, Tahitian Cream.

This article takes a closer look at these stunning options, understanding how they go beyond mere surfaces to redefine the charm and functionality of your kitchen. Riviere, Antello, and Tahitian Cream redefine the charm and functionality of your kitchen. Let's dive into these choices, where elegance meets innovation, and discover how they can enhance your kitchen experience.

Hyundai L&C USA: Pioneering Quartz Countertops

In quartz countertops, Hyundai L&C USA has carved a niche, earning a reputation as a reliable and innovative provider. With years of experience, the company has gained the trust of homeowners and designers alike. Hyundai L&C USA's countertops are not just surfaces; they are a testament to innovation, craftsmanship and a commitment to delivering products that consistently exceed expectations.

An unwavering commitment to excellence is at the core of Hyundai L&C USA's success. Every countertop is meticulously crafted, not just for durability and aesthetic appeal but as a canvas for innovation. The company continually strives to redefine the industry landscape through its inventive approach to countertop design.

Hyundai L&C USA's Opimo collection stands as a testament to its pioneering spirit. As the industry's first quartzite-looking quartz, Opimo disrupted conventional norms and set a new standard for innovation in countertops.

Building on this foundation, Riviere and Tahitian Cream are the latest expressions of Hyundai L&C's dedication to advancing the art of countertop design. These innovations underscore Hyundai L&C USA's position at the forefront of the industry, consistently introducing novel and trendsetting surfaces that redefine kitchen aesthetics.

Innovation is the heartbeat of Hyundai L&C USA. The company doesn't rest on its laurels but consistently seeks new technologies to stay at the forefront of countertop design. This commitment to innovation ensures that customers get timeless elegance and benefit from the latest advancements in durability and functionality.

Antello: A Fusion of Grace and Style

Antello draws its inspiration from the mesmerizing landscapes of Antelope Canyon, where snow-covered red rocks create a breathtaking canvas of natural beauty. The countertop reflects the intricate patterns found in the canyon's red rocks, with crispy gray veins delicately stretching across the surface, mirroring the stunning details of this unique landscape.

Antello's color palette is a harmonious blend of bright white, gold, and lemon accents. The bright white base serves as a canvas for the graceful interplay of these colors, creating a visual feast.

Antello goes beyond being a countertop; it transforms kitchens into havens of contemporary style. Its presence in your kitchen is a statement, seamlessly combining visual appeal with practicality, ensuring it remains a timeless centerpiece of your home.


HanStone Riviera quartz countertops

Riviere draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands. The countertop captures the essence of this untamed landscape, where thick and cracked veins boldly stretch across the slab, adding a touch of drama and movement reminiscent of the Highlands' terrain.

Riviere's design choices are bold and dramatic, featuring translucent, cracked veins. This design adds visual interest and mimics the terrain of Scottish Highlands. The transparency enhances Riviere's depth, creating a radiant glow that sets it apart in quartz design.

Riviere easily becomes a captivating focal point in any kitchen. The dramatic design choices and high resistance to scratches ensure Riviere stands the test of time. Its aesthetic charm goes hand in hand with its practicality, making it a dynamic addition to your kitchen space.

Tahitian Cream: Timeless Beauty and Versatility

Tahitian Cream quartz countertops

Tahitian Cream is an ode to timeless beauty, drawing inspiration from the exquisite Taj Mahal quartzite. The countertop reflects the enduring allure of this natural wonder, capturing its elegance and sophistication in every detail.

Tahitian Cream's color palette features diagonal crack veins and a lustrous golden shimmer. The diagonal orientation of these veins adds a touch of elegance, creating a rich base that complements sophisticated kitchen designs.

Tahitian Cream effortlessly adapts to different design styles. Its warm tones and unique design suit modern, minimalist spaces and classic, traditional kitchens. It is not just a countertop; it's a practical investment that combines timeless beauty with the resilience needed for a bustling kitchen.



Whether you are drawn to the soft and elegant grace of Antello, the bold and dramatic design of Riviere, or the timeless beauty and warmth of Tahitian Cream, each quartz countertop offers a unique blend of artistry, versatility, and durability. These surfaces not only reflect the natural wonders that inspired them but also embody Hyundai L&C's commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative design.

Choosing a quartz countertop is not just a practical decision; it's an investment in the visual and functional harmony of your kitchen. With Antello, Riviere, and Tahitian Cream, you can confidently elevate your kitchen to new heights of sophistication, creating a space that transcends trends and stands the test of time in both style and functionality.

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Transforming your kitchen has never been easier. Hyundai L&C offers a stunning range of quartz countertops like Antello, Riviere, and Tahitian Cream that not only look amazing but also stand the test of time.

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