Thank you for visiting us at KBIS 2024!

This year's KBIS was one to remember!

During these three days, we were happy to show the public our HanStone launches: Tahitian Cream, Antello, and Riviere. We also enjoyed showing you our concept colors: Riviere Warm and Bianco Cristallo, as well as our Tahitian Cream with leather finish concept. We love the response from the public, which will encourage us to keep innovating and introducing new products with the look of quartzites. Some of our products also featured a badge for Next Generation Quartz. This showcased the innovation we have been pushing in the Quartz market for more socially and ecologically responsible materials. If you wish to learn more about NGQ, click here.

On our Hanex products, we also showed our concept colors, Macca Venato and Black Venato. Another success between our Hanex products was our objects, the tables, and chairs. We were happy to see everyone enjoying this creative use of our Hanex products.We also have so much yet to share!

We filmed interviews and videos and will launch these contents in the coming weeks. So, keep checking your email, and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn so you can experience our content. If you want to know more about our distribution, you can check our list of distributors by clicking here.

And for those who participated in our photo booth event, we loved to make your experience at KBIS even more fun! The winners of our photo competition will be announced by the end of the week. So cross your fingers, we hope you will be one of them! We also would like to remember that by participating in the event, you agreed to have Hyundai L&C use your image. 

Thank you for visiting our booth! For our partners and clients, we loved seeing you there and hope this will be an excellent year for us and our market. If we just met you, we hope this is the beginning of a great relationship!

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