White Solid Surface Might Change Your Life for the Better!

White countertops are all the rage right now. The year 2019 has seen very minimalistic design aesthetics, and people understand the importance of having bright, open spaces to clear their minds. Giving your mind space to rest is important to wellness, and at Hanex Solid Surfaces, we couldn’t agree more. 

That’s why we’ve created a variety of white solid surface shades and designs for you to use in your home. Create the space you need with solid surface!

Why Solid Surface?

Solid surface is an affordable, versatile option for your home or commercial space. In fact, solid surface was originally created in the 1960s as a cheaper alternative to natural stone. Because of its affordability and durability, solid surface has continued to be a popular choice for countertops through the years. 

One unique characteristic of solid surface is that it can be molded into different shapes through a process called thermoforming.  You can have sinks, tub surrounds, cabinets, desks, and more created from solid surface!

Finally, if something happens to your solid surface countertops, it can easily be repaired. Solid surface will boldly face everyday wear and tear.

The Many Styles of Solid Surface

Whether you want a solid or a pattern, there is bound to be a solid surface you like. Choose from different shades of white, or pick a pattern with flecks of natural minerals embedded into the material. Other patterns have veins, which make the surface resemble marble and granite. There are subtle patterns and more bold patterns, but one thing is always the same — the quality and durability of solid surface are the same across the board.

White Solid Surface Countertop Design Ideas

1. Modern Minimalist

White solid surface countertops with minimal design can be a blank slate for all of your creative endeavors. Whether you want a clean-looking workspace or a bright and airy aesthetic, while solid surface counters are a great solution to your design needs.

2. Simple and Square

Here, you can see this white solid surface color with faint marbling. If you look closely, you’ll find that the sink is actually built into the counter. It is crafted from solid surface, giving this kitchen island a sleek, seamless countertop.

3. Heavenly Home

Some homeowners prefer their countertops to contrast with their cabinets, but you can always find a style of solid surface to match your snow-white cabinets. Pairing plain white solid surface with glossy white cabinets and white walls gives this kitchen an ethereal vibe that opens up the kitchen and your mind.

4. Mid-Century Modern

This kitchen is all about contrast and uses solid surface in several creative ways to create a mid-century modern aesthetic. Use solid surface as a countertop and create custom backsplashes and even cabinets!

5. Funky Fabrications

This kitchen uses whites and grays to create a monochromatic kitchen with some interesting solid surface fabrications. Use solid surface as both a countertop and backsplash. You can even create an entire bar, as pictured, that stands apart from your countertops and is the perfect height for entertaining guests.

6. Surprise Shelving

This kitchen uses solid surface for the kitchen countertops, the island counter, and a small shelf behind the sink on the wall. Notice the unique touch of a small sink and a serving tray off to the side — all created from solid surface that blends seamlessly into the countertops. Because solid surface is so easy to form into different design elements, you can create shelves, sinks, and even cabinets from the material.

7. Terrific Textures

The best part of the plain, white solid surface countertops is that they leave room for other interesting design elements. Here, the backsplash is made from a patterned solid surface, and the cabinets have an interesting texture reminiscent of shiplap. Plain white solid surface opens so many doors for creative expression in your home.

8. Makeshift Marble

Love the look of marble but hate the price tag? Solid surface is now available in a variety of patterns and colors that replicate natural stone countertops for an affordable price. Here, you can see the subtle texture on the countertops that contrast slightly with the cabinets. Your design dreams are no longer limited by sticker price!

Update Your Kitchen with Solid Surface

White solid surface countertops come in a variety of styles, shades, and vein patterns No matter which color or pattern you choose for your home, you can find what you need at Hanex Solid Surfaces.

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