We’re Raising the Bar on Surfacing Design

At Hyundai L&C USA, we are dedicated to not only improving the lives of our customers but also creating a new lifestyle and culture. We believe that even small changes that make your world more beautiful can have a significant impact. This dedication has resulted in satisfied customers and a more abundant and connected world. We appreciate all those who have made one of our HanStone, or Hanex surfaces a part of their world, and we hope to bring even more beauty to homes, offices, and other spaces with our all-new Opimo Collection.

Opimo Collection Colors

The Opimo Collection includes five new colors – Eden, Elba White, Le Blanc, Matterhorn, and Patagonia.

  • Eden is a term that refers to things that are pristine and abundant in natural beauty. We felt it was a fitting name for this surface that reflects the unblemished nature of a fresh snowfall. It’s clean, elegant, and has a layered pattern and subtle movement resembling brush strokes on a canvas. The cleanliness makes it welcoming to all kinds of design styles.
  • Elba White blends different cool and warm layers to mimic the look of an iceberg. This blend achieves a unique balance of color, tone, movement, and veining. The surface even has translucent qualities for added visual interest.
  • Le Blanc was inspired by the French Alps and features a stone-colored veining across the white background. With subtle tones and delicate movement, the surface can be incorporated into any space.
  • The Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in the world. Just like the real peak, this surface’s design is bold and strong, with veining and background colors inspired by the beauty and majesty of the mountain from which it gets its name. The combination of bold veining and dynamic off-white background color achieves a rugged yet refined look.
  • The Patagonia region in South America has some incredibly gorgeous and mountainous terrain with high peaks and glacial fjords. This is something we set out to replicate in this surface. The result is a unique blend of grey tones and translucent qualities that strike the same balance between the cool and dark tones you find in nature.

The beauty, luxury, and elegance of these new styles do not come at the cost of durability. Like HanStone Quartz collections of the past, every new surface in the Opimo Collection is made from natural quartz. Quartz is one of our planet’s hardest surfaces, and we were able to retain this toughness while including more visual interest in the form of additional depth and transparency to these new surfaces thanks to our unique manufacturing system.

Inspired by Nature. Designed for You.

Our brand new HanStone Quartz Opimo Collection takes inspiration from the Latin word “Opimus,” which can describe land that is abundant, splendid, fertile, or fruitful. We’ve designed the collection to reflect the abundance of variety in nature, and the color variations in the five new surfaces offer limitless possibilities in any environment. Thanks to the groundbreaking technology used, the translucent properties of these designs are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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