Using Quartz to Create an Enchanting Dining Room Table

quartz dining table

When it comes to dining rooms, the dining table is the place where everyone comes together to gather for a meal.  This is why it has a big impact on the style and function of the room.

Traditionally, most dining room tables are made of wood, and while wood has many positive attributes, it isn’t always the best choice. If you do a lot of entertaining, a wood table can be hard to maintain. If you have small children, you may need to worry about spills, scratches, and stains. And if you have a more contemporary home, a wood table may not be the best match for the rest of your décor.

That’s why quartz can be an excellent alternative. Using quartz as a table top can address all of these issues and create a beautiful, stunning focal point within the room, setting your dining room apart from the rest.

The Benefits of Quartz Table Tops

For the last few years running, quartz has been topping lists of the most popular countertop material available and with good reason. Quartz countertops are highly durable and low maintenance, which means they are resistant to scratches, stains, chipping, or other issues when used in a busy kitchen.

The same applies when quartz slabs are used to create a dining table. No matter how much use the table gets or how many cups of wine are spilled on it, it’s still going to look fantastic year after year. There are no special cleaners needed and no regular maintenance, so it’s an ideal material for busy families and for people who love to entertain.

In addition to being low maintenance, quartz is also an attractive surface. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, including some that mimic the look of marble. This can give you a very elegant looking table, but without any of the maintenance and care that real marble would need.

Best of all, quartz slabs are custom fabricated for you. This means you can have a built-up edge to give the appearance of a thicker table, different edges to customize the look, or even a waterfall end to create a real statement in the room.

Creating a Quartz Dining Table

When creating a dining table using quartz, there are a few considerations to make beforehand. The first is what will be supporting the quartz.

There are a number of ways that you can support the table top, and each will give you a very different look and use.

You can also purchase the frame of a wood table or simply remove the top from an existing wood table and use the legs and frame to support the quartz. Keep in mind that if you do this, quartz tops can be significantly heavier than wood, so the legs and frame will need to be strong enough to support it. Otherwise, the frame may need reinforcement before it can be used in this way.

Another method to creating a table is to use metal “sink legs”. Traditionally used to create custom vanities, “sink legs” are strong, metal legs designed to hold a slab top. You would need a few additional legs than what would be used for a vanity, but the effect can be striking, especially as these legs are available in a range of thicknesses, with tapered ends, and even acrylic inserts for very contemporary looks.

Quartz Kitchen Table Design Ideas

There’s no end to the ways that you can combine a frame and a quartz slab to create a unique dining table. Use these ideas as a jumping off point to get inspired to create your own.

1. Open Floor Plan Island

If your dining room and kitchen are combined in one space, then consider creating an oversized island to double as your dining table. Doing so helps give dimension to the space, separating the two rooms, while adding extra storage and countertop space.

The key here is to extend the countertop past the island far enough on at least two sides to allow people to have ample room to sit. You can take this design one step further by using a top that contrasts the perimeter countertop in color or pattern to help define the space.

2. Waterfall Edge

quartz dining table top

If you don’t normally seat someone at the “head” of the table, consider creating a unique statement by utilizing the quartz to create a waterfall edge on one or two sides. A waterfall is made by piecing together to sections of quartz so that they change direction and “flow” down the side. When using a quartz slab like this one to resemble marble, it makes a very elegant and formal setting.

3. Island Extension

If your kitchen is the main gathering and eating place for the family, consider simply extending your island with a table that has a matching quartz top. In this set up, family and guests and sit at the island or the table, doubling the amount of seats. Because the two tops match, it gives a lot of unity and cohesiveness to the design, while adding function at the same time. The different heights of the island and table help to break things up and adds depth to the room.

4. Table in Place of an Island

quartz kitchen table

A lot of people think that if you want extra countertop and seating space in the kitchen that what you really need is an island, but that isn’t always true. If seating is the priority, and you don’t have an adjoining dining area, consider using a quartz dining table in place of the island. You get the same cohesive look from the countertop as an island would give you, but more versatility in terms of accommodating people with seating.

Create a Unique Dining Table with Quartz

With the many colors and patterns available with quartz, and the number of ways you can use the slabs to create a table, it’s possible to create a unique table that meets your specific needs. Whether you want more kitchen seating or a spectacular gathering place for holiday dinners, quartz makes an ideal table top surface. Consider quartz to replace the wood top on your table to make a stunning statement in your home.

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