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Versatile and Customizable: Solid Surface Countertops Are a Great Option for Nearly Any Project

What Are Solid Surface Countertops?

Solid surface countertops are made of acrylic and epoxy or polyester resin with bauxite filler and pigments. This mixture chemically bonds and is then heated and cooled. 

Solid surface materials differ from other countertop materials in their ability to be thermoformed into virtually any shape imaginable, making it perfect for an incredible variety of projects and applications that go way beyond the kitchen.

Solid Surface Countertops Benefits

The benefits of solid surface countertops are incredibly wide ranging. Not only are they stain resistant, but when they are installed, any seams are sanded and smoothed so they are almost nonexistent. This feature increases the antibacterial properties of synthetic solid surface countertops because there are fewer places for water and moisture to hide and allow bacteria to grow. This benefit means that it’s perfect for use in hospitals and restaurants.

Another benefit of solid surface countertops is the wide range of colors and patterns that are available. Because it’s a solid surface, the color and pattern reaches through the countertop, so it can be buffed or refinished to remove scratches. These wide ranging benefits translate into a wide range of uses for this versatile and customizable option, so you’ll find the best solid surface countertop for your needs.

Solid Surface Countertops Design Ideas

Chances are you've always been surrounded by solid surface countertops and didn’t even know it.

Reception Desks

Synthetic solid surface countertops excel in high traffic areas such as reception desks. They are durable enough to withstand the large numbers of people that come in and out every day while maintaining their beautiful look.


Hospitals integrate solid surface countertops because of their antibacterial properties and the ease with which they can be cleaned. The seamless nature and nonporous surface means that it’s difficult for water to seep in and hide, growing bacteria. Custom solid surface countertops will fit the hospital’s design perfectly.

Break Rooms

Another high traffic area, break rooms are notorious for getting a little messy after the lunch hour. Solid surface countertops can be easily wiped down and look great in a common space. As opposed to granite or marble that comes in one large slab, man-made solid surface countertops can be thermoformed into any shape to complement the design aesthetic of your office.

Bathroom Surfaces

Solid surface countertops are perfect for bathroom surfaces whether commercial or in your home. Bathrooms are another place where bacteria can thrive so it’s important to take measures to ensure hygiene and safety. Solid surface countertops are antibacterial and with minimal seams, so bacteria can’t hide.

Table Tops

Whether in a restaurant or in your home, a solid surface countertop can be turned into a beautiful table that can withstand the high traffic of nightly dinner service or the thousands of meals you’ll serve to your family.

Kitchen Countertops

Probably the most obvious of its uses, kitchen countertops can’t be left out of our list. The benefits of solid surface countertops make it an amazing surface for preparing meals and gathering family and guests.

Coffee Shops

It seems that there’s a coffee shop popping up on almost every corner to feed our ever growing need for caffeine. And each coffee shop looks to set itself apart from the one across the street. Enter custom solid surface countertops. The wide range of colors and patterns can fit any style, making each coffee shop a unique experience for its customers.

Work Spaces

Whether in an office, co-working space, or your home, including solid surface countertops in the design of your work space can increase its visual appeal. And let’s be honest, we’re more productive in spaces where we feel comfortable and that look beautiful.


Ready to pack up your family and hit the road? With the ever growing trend of RV remodeling projects, solid surface countertops can immediately increase the style and functionality of your RV. So whether you’re getting away for the weekend or leaving it all behind to travel the country, the benefits of solid surface countertops will complete your RV renovation beautifully.

Retail Spaces

Tough enough to withstand the thousands of people that will walk through a retail space, solid surface countertops will complement any design and be in it for the long haul.

Bank Teller Stations

Banks are now designed for the optimal user experience, and this includes making their design visually appealing as well as functional. Solid surface composite countertops are the perfect customizable option for bank teller stations.


The benefits of solid surface countertops also extend to restaurants. With high traffic, messy food prep, and the need to keep everything looking clean, restaurants can integrate solid surface countertops that complete their design and stand up to the unique demands of the business.

Hotel Front Desks

Unique and inviting, many hotels make excellent use of custom solid surface countertops to complete the look of their lobby. Front desks need to be easily identifiable while also integrated into the overall hotel design. The ability of man-made solid surface countertops to create any design makes it perfect for any hotel front desk.

Lobby Buffets

Also a feature of many hotels is the lobby buffet. This area needs to be easy to clean and handle high traffic while still looking immaculate. A lobby buffet must meld with the design of the hotel while also being functional and durable. When care is taken to isolate heat sources from the countertops solid surface can meet all of these goals.

Hanex Makes It Easy! 

As you’re designing your project, it’s sometimes difficult to picture how a certain pattern or color will look in the room. Hanex Solid Surfaces takes care of that by offering samples for just $5.00. You’ll get a 4x4 piece of sample material sent directly to you, so you can choose your design with confidence.

Hanex can also connect you with a dealer in your area through the Find a Dealer search to help you decide where to buy solid surface countertops in your area.

No matter your needs, Hanex Solid Surfaces’ countertops will exceed your expectations in creating a beautiful and functional space.

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