Get Quartz Countertops with the Look of Concrete

When the time comes to choose a countertop for your kitchen, there are a lot of options to consider. And while durability and low maintenance care top many people’s lists of what they want in a countertop, style also ranks highly. For many people, this means choosing a look first, and a countertop material second.

Concrete is one of the choices that gets a lot of attention for appearance. It works well in modern and industrial style homes, as well as many transitional kitchens. The color and texture of concrete are instantly recognizable. This makes the countertop both a focal point and a backdrop for other materials and styles in the space.

But concrete isn’t always the right material, even when the style is desired. That’s why quartz that looks like concrete may be the right choice.

The Issue with Concrete

Concrete has a beautiful aesthetic, but it differs in many ways from other countertop materials. First, it can be made in one of two ways, either precast or cast in place. Precast, means that it’s poured in a box the shape and size of your countertop. This isn’t the most reliable way of making a countertop, and can introduce errors. Cast in place means that it’s cast right on your cabinets where it will be installed. While this gives better results, it renders the kitchen unusable for several days while it cures.

Next, concrete is porous. It will stain over time. Sometimes this can be an advantage; you can stain it a color if you desire. Most of the time, though, this is a hindrance. Therefore, you will need to seal your countertop regularly.

Finally, concrete can be fragile. It can crack or develop fissures over time. And while those may add to the aesthetic, it can also be a place to trap dirt and germs that is difficult to clean.

Using Quartz that Looks Like Concrete

Quartz countertops that look like concrete offer a solution that solves these issues. Quartz is a man made material consisting of roughly 90% natural quartz - one of the hardest and most durable materials in common use - and resins. The combination of quartz and resin means that a quartz countertop is incredibly strong, durable, and low maintenance.

Unlike real concrete, a quartz countertop will not stain and does not require sealing. Quartz will also not crack or develop fissures over time, so it stays easier to clean.

Quartz countertops are also made with precision. A template is taken of your countertop before manufacture, so there’s less room for error. Once the countertop is installed, it’s ready to use right away; it won’t take days to cure.

If you have oddly sized countertops, angles, curves, or other unique features, it’s easy to match them up with quartz. Likewise, if you wish to have an undermounted sink, farmhouse sink, waterfall island countertop, or any other special feature, these can all be accomplished with quartz. Concrete is much more limited in the scope of what it can do, while quartz has many more possibilities - perfect for the modern and industrial kitchens the color and finish is most popular in.

Quartz Options that Look Like Concrete

Concrete comes in different finishes and shades, and so does quartz that looks like concrete. Quartz countertops inspired by concrete come in different finishes and styles so you can coordinate with your kitchen.

For those that want a very subtle, solid-colored countertop, the Metropolitan is an ideal choice. It has a uniform color and can be polished or given a leathered texture. This color would work best in contemporary spaces or industrial-style kitchens. It makes a lovely backdrop if you want to introduce a pop of color elsewhere, or it would work well in a monotone space.

If you like concrete that has more variation and personality, then consider the Uptown quartz countertop. This countertop has the same gray background that is identifiable with concrete, but with a white, mottled/vein pattern that gives it visual texture and interest. It’s also available both polished and with a leather texture, give you even more options. This countertop works well in more transitional kitchens, such as Rustic Modern, where a slightly industrial vibe is desired, but with more character than solid concrete.

Get Quartz that Looks Like Concrete

Concrete is a wonderful material for foundations and basement floors, but it isn’t always best choice for a countertop. Food preparation and spilled drinks can quickly stain the surface, while food particles may become wedged in cracks. This makes the surface unsanitary for the kitchen, while it’s difficult to cast nature often means a poor fit.

Quartz countertops solve all of these problems, while giving you the same aesthetic. Get a quartz countertop that looks like concrete to get the best of both worlds for your home.

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