Matte vs Polished Quartz Countertops: Making the Best Choice for Your Space

When it comes to choosing your kitchen countertop, you have a lot of decisions to make. First is the material and color followed by its edge, shape, and finish.

Most slab-style countertops are associated with a polished finish which has a reflective sheen and smooth, glassy feel. As common as a polished finish might be, there are others who are drawn to a finish that doesn’t reflect light. This is commonly referred to as a matte finish, although it may also be known as honed, high honed, or textured. Another popular option is a leathered finish which is similar to a matte finish but with a more rustic, natural look.

Polished Finish Quartz Countertops

polished finish quartz countertop

A polished finish is created by grinding down the surface of the material using fine abrasives until it results in a natural shine. This enables the countertop to reflect light, giving it a glossy appearance.

Polished finishes are ideal for many reasons. Light reflecting surfaces enhance small spaces by amplifying light and making the space look bigger. They also have a rich appearance to them that works well in many formal and traditional-style homes.

Polished surfaces are also fairly forgiving in terms of hiding things like a few crumbs or spilled coffee grounds because light is bouncing off the areas around the debris.

Even with all the pros of a polished finish, there are a few drawbacks to be considered. To keep its luster, there is a bit more care and maintenance that you will need to be mindful of. Also, the reflective look will naturally become the focal point of the room. If you’re wanting to highlight other areas, you would be better suited to go with a subtler finish.

Matte Finish Quartz Countertops

matte finish quartz countertop

Matte is not a texture, it’s more appropriately described as the absence of shine. In some materials, matte is the finish that a smooth surface takes before it’s given its final grind to become polished. In quartz countertops, some colors are available in a leathered texture.

Like all matte finish surfaces, a quartz countertop that is not polished is less likely to show smudges and fingerprints but is also less likely to help disguise some crumbs and debris.

Quartz countertops with a leather finish work particularly well in contemporary designs. This is because without the light reflecting off the countertop, it lets the deeper color of the material show through. This, combined with the texture, adds a lot of dimension.

Textured quartz doesn’t have to be reserved for only modern spaces. Some colors, like Serenity, can have a warm, marbled appearance. These countertops work well in Tuscan and Mediterranean style kitchens, where natural colors and muted surfaces are expected.

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Countertop

There is no right or wrong finish when it comes to quartz countertops. While some granites don’t take matte finishes well due to surface flaws and some marbles don’t hold polishes for long in a kitchen environment, quartz excels in both areas.

The only true differences between a matte and a polished quartz countertop are the finish and the way it reflects light. Both will be equally durable and low maintenance and neither will require sealing, special cleansers, or special care.

The decision of which finish to choose for your quartz countertop will come down mostly to personal preference, as well as to the style of the room. While many people choose to use polished surfaces in traditional settings and matte finished surfaces in contemporary places, that decision is entirely up to the end user.

For some contemporary kitchens, a highly polished sleek grey quartz countertop may be the perfect finishing detail.

Polished quartz countertops that look like marble or granite will fit in beautifully with traditional, farmhouse, cottage, and transitional spaces, as well.

For those that like the idea of a countertop with some texture, a quartz countertop with a matte leather finish may be the perfect answer, even in traditional settings. For example, the color Uptown Grey in a leather finish can help give the appearance of the limestone Lagos Azul but with much more durability and lower maintenance. Used in a French country style kitchen, a leather Uptown Grey quartz countertop would add a lot of charm and depth.

Choose Your Perfect Countertop

Matte and polished quartz countertops make beautiful additions to many kitchens. Both are easy to care for and both will give you years of use and style. Choose the finish that is most appealing to you and your home’s design to get the best fit for your countertop project.

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