Live Beautifully Challenge

Each month, we'll be posting a #LiveBeautifully challenge and we invite you to participate. If you participate, we'd love to share in your success!

Please post a picture of how you complete the challenge (in your story or on your feed) and tag us (@hanstonequartz) - we'll be sharing your challenge success posts throughout the month, including our own!

There will be a new challenge each month. The challenges are meant to inspire us and help add to our already beautiful lives. Life can get busy, so we hope that these Live Beautifully challenge invitations help us to take time for things we might be putting off or haven't taken as much time for lately. There is no right or wrong way to complete the challenge - Live Beautifully is about the expression of self and that can only be defined by you. Let the challenge begin! 



With Summer just around the corner, this month's #LiveBeautifully challenge is all about spending more time outside and exploring the great outdoors. 


This month's #LiveBeautifully challenge is to try something new! Here are 15 examples of new things to try during July:

1. Cook a new meal/try a new food
2. Conquer a new DIY craft or handmade gift
3. Learn a new language
4. Make ice cream from scratch
5. Painting
6. Visit a place in your town you haven’t explored at all or as much
7. Visit a local museum or art gallery
8. Learn a new skill (sewing, gardening, etc)
9. Create a friendship with someone new
10. Try a new form of exercise or sport
11. Learn a new type of dance
12. Say “yes” to everything for one full day
13. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or at a local non-profit
14. Learn how to play a musical instrument
15. Try a new look (wardrobe or hairstyle)


This month's #LiveBeautifully challenge is to do what makes you happy - create more happy moments & share in them with others. This challenge aligns with August being “National Happiness Happens Month”. Celebrate happiness by taking a picture of you and/or you with others sharing a smile!


This month's #LiveBeautifully challenge is to reconnect with a friend(s) that you haven’t in a while and/or take time to better get to know new friends in your life. Celebrate with your friend(s) by taking a selfie to commemorate the moment while you’re with them! 

Make sure to upload your photo(s)

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