Hyundai L&C – Bianco Marquina Collection

At Hyundai L&C, we’ve always been inspired by the balance of elegance and explosiveness found in nature, and we’ve now tried to replicate these qualities in each color from our new Bianco Marquina collection. To further reflect the co-existence of what would at first seem to be two competing qualities, we’ve created surfaces that balance the wild and unpredictable characteristics of nature with a sleek modern design. The two colors in this new collection – Aurelia and Odina – are each inspired by an element of nature that we feel is both elegant and explosive.


The name Aurelia is derived from the Latin name "Aurelius," which means "golden one." The name of this stunning new HanStone Quartz color was inspired by the kinds of gorgeous morning sunrises that paint the sky in a variety of golden hues. With its white and grey base adorned by gold veining that stretches throughout, we feel the name Aurelia captures the elegance and warmth of a sunrise and the different shades of gold that adorn the sky.



Odina is a name with Native American origins that means mountain, so we felt it was the perfect choice for this color that is inspired by the divine grandness of mountain ranges. Like sharp peaks rising from the ground and piercing through the clouds, the design is bold and dynamic. The design features veining and movement and will add a touch of confidence to any space.

Both these surfaces reflect two of the most awe-inspiring scenes that you can witness in nature. HanStone Quartz surfaces like these are not only elegant but also remarkably strong and durable. Quartz is known for its hardness, and the surfaces in our collection offer excellent resistance against etching, heat, stains, and scratches. These surfaces also boast a polished finish that adds to their aesthetic appeal and can enhance the beauty of any space.


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