Hyundai L&C – 2022 Review Top 5 Selling Colors

We take great pride in making the world a little bit more beautiful and are dedicated to providing world-class surfacing design. But where can we take our prestigious design to next? Similar to how your favorite publications list their top albums or films of the past 12 months, the Hyundai L&C USA team enjoys looking back at the top-selling colors of HanStone Quartz and Hanex Solid Surfaces at the end of the year. By knowing the finishes that resonate with you, we can continue to provide the luxurious countertop materials you’ve come to expect from Hyundai.

Top 5 Selling HanStone Quartz Colors in 2022

1. Montauk

Montauk is a soft and luxurious off-white color, but it doesn’t feel cold or cool thanks to the soft pearl undertone, sandy sapling, and ivory marble. This achieves a warm, elevated look and feel that’s both vintage and modern. Considering the vintage and modern appeal, this finish continues to be a favorite year in and year out.

2. Tranquility

With a pure and crisp white marble contrasted ever so slightly by a faint charcoal vein, this color lives up to its name – and it seemed like a lot of people agreed. The color has a timeless appeal and voices a classic beauty, a perfect finish to any room across a wide variety of aesthetics.

3. Calacatta Extra

With dark veining that stands strong against a plain white base, Calacatta Extra creates a striking contrast that leaves a lasting impression. This finish stands on its own while all together allowing surrounding colors and materials to amaze.

4. Rocky Shores

Resembling the shores of a shingle beach –a beach adorned with small pebbles rather than sand – the Rocky Shores color is a very natural looking color, a unique style from the previous three finishes. The crisp cream backdrop is speckled with rich umber tones and warm greys that resemble the pebbles you’d see on the shore.

5. Italian Waves

Rounding out our top five, Italian Waves is inspired by Tuscany, a beautiful region in central Italy with 143 miles of coastline. With this color, we attempted to replicate the gorgeous movement of the waves and glossy sheen of the water with rich grey veining, achieving a very classic look that’s perfect in any Tuscan-inspired and modern home alike.

Top 5 Selling Hanex Solid Surfaces Colors in 2022

1. Neo White

“Neo” can mean new, recent, revised, or modified, and that’s what we attempted to do with the classic white – create something new from something so familiar. This color maintains the flawlessness and pureness of white while capturing more visual intrigue, finishing slightly darker than expected.

2. Oslo White

A glance at the Oslo White color in the right light, and you might mistake it for a freshly fallen and undisturbed patch of snow sparkling in the snow. Beautifully textured, the luminous pearly white specks of grey and taupe that also add depth to the surface.

3. Alaska

Delicate yet complex, this finish contains shades of white, blue, and grey that all blend seamlessly to create a celestial design. Like the snowcapped glaciers found in Alaska, this vibrant color brings a natural brightness to bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and more. 

4. Silverstone

Resembling a sheet of ice frozen over a pond or lake in the wintertime, Silverstone is a textured finish that presents a tranquil feeling to those nearby. It features a luminous luster, brightening rooms and creates beauty that inspires.

5. White

As pristine and undisturbed as fresh fallen snow that paints the world as brand new, our classic White is simple yet stunning. It is easy to find peace in this classic coloring. This clean surface doesn’t distract the eye, but when it is added to a room it dazzles, elevating all that surrounds it.


Have these finishes inspired a new dream? Whether you are looking for new materials for your home or business, or you’re a trade professional looking to elevate your selections, Hyundai L&C USA is here for you. Request a sample of any of our finishes above or contact us today!

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