Fall Kitchen Trends 2022

When it comes to seasonal trends, most people tend to think of fashion. But in reality, it’s far from the only industry that sees change as the seasons do. Interior design has its own developments and general movements toward specific colors, materials, and styles, especially in the fall, when people start to spend more time in their homes as the weather gets chilly. After all, your home’s interior is an expression of your personal style and design preferences, just like your wardrobe is.  

Whether you’ve been considering upgrading your kitchen for some time or are just curious about what new kitchen trends are worth embracing, check out our picks below! We’ll also highlight three of HanStone Quartz colors, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Extra, Calacatta Venato, and how they fit into these trends.  

Darker stained wood 

With the weather getting colder, we want our homes to feel warmer. Darker stains of wood help accomplish this, so consider staining your cabinets and drawers to transform them. Darker wood colors also happen to complement our Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Extra, Calacatta Venato colors quite nicely.  

Cozier seating 

Because they’re spending more time indoors, many people want to make their spaces feel cozier. Adding seating to an island can make a kitchen more comfortable and inviting. If you’re lucky enough to have a large, open kitchen space, consider moving your dining table into the kitchen for a cozier feel. 

Bringing the outdoors in 

Since we aren’t spending as much time outdoors as we used to, we want to bring a little bit of it inside our homes. This is often achieved by introducing more natural materials and surfaces, like our beautiful HanStone Quartz. Our new colors, Ridge and Calacatta Mont, are both inspired by mountain tops and feature intricate veining that makes every slab unique. The material is also completely natural and one of nature’s hardest surfaces, so you get style, durability, and functionality.  

Along with these new colors, we’d also recommend Calcatta Extra, Calcatta Gold, and Calcatta Venato colors, all of which are different tones of white. Calcatta Extra is the brightest and most radiant white of the three, which makes the dark grey veining throughout really stand out and creating a visually interesting contrast. Calcatta Gold and Calcatta Venato are both more off-white but will still complement darker wood tones nicely.  


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