Quartz — The Ultimate Material for Commercial Spaces

Whether you’re building a commercial space or giving your business a facelift, quartz is a great option for reception desks, office/commercial kitchens, conference tables, bar tops, and more.

Commercial Grade Countertops Considerations

There are many factors that make quartz a wonderful option for commercial spaces, but there are five main factors you should consider when choosing a surfacing material for your business: durability, ease of care, aesthetics, versatility, and sustainability.

This solid white quartz conference table will maintain its lustrous appearance for years to come because of its durability. Quartz requires no polishing or sealing — it’s beautiful and resilient all on its own.


Quartz is perfect for commercial spaces in a variety of applications. From reception desks to conference tables to commercial kitchens, quartz is durable enough for everyday wear and tear from heavy traffic.

To understand its durability, it’s important to know what quartz is. Quartz is an engineered stone material designed to stand up to hard use. Quartzite is one of nature’s hardest materials, and more than 90% of quartz is composed of quartzite and other natural stone materials.

Because if the properties of quartz, the final product is scratch-, chip-, and heat-resistant and can be used in a variety of applications.

Quartz bar tops are an excellent choice for commercial businesses such as this gastropub. This type of business receives heavy traffic. Bar tops are exposed to a variety of forces including plates sliding across the surface, bottles and glasses being slammed around, and the wear and tear of customers dining.

Ease of Care

In addition to its durability, quartz is incredibly easy to care for. Unlike many other natural stone materials, quartz does not require any sealing because it is non-porous. Natural stone, such as marble and granite, require yearly (or more) sealing to keep it looking clean and new.

Quartz is resistant to harmful bacteria that can grow in porous materials and cause health concerns. This makes quartz a great option for kitchens and bathrooms where there is regular moisture.

Quartz is also stain-resistant — there are no pores for stains to soak into. Just wipe away any spills with warm water and mild soap. Natural stone such as marble stains easily because it is a softer, more porous stone, whereas quartz is solid and will not stain easily. Quartz is also available in patterns that simulate marble — without the stain factor.


Quartz is also an attractive material that comes in a variety of colors and patterns to enhance any commercial space. Quartz is superior to other natural stone surfaces because it simulates the look of natural stone surfaces without the imperfections and inconsistencies of natural stone. Quartz countertops are always consistent in color and pattern, ensuring there are no surprises from slab to slab. Quartz is also available in solid colors and patterns that look like cement.

Quartz is an engineered stone created from quartzite and other natural minerals. As a man-made material, consistency in color and pattern can be controlled unlike natural stone. For example, granite often varies in color and pattern from piece to piece, meaning what you see in the showroom may not be exactly what is installed in your home. Quartz, on the other hand, is an honest material — what you see is always what you get.


Quartz isn’t limited to countertops. It can be used for reception desks, backsplashes, bar tops, conference tables, “waterfall” installations and more.  It is available in many colors and designs that can bring a unique aesthetic to any space.

Quartz not only adds a welcoming, luxurious look to the reception desk, but it also provides a practical element to this lobby. As one of the most durable surfacing materials on the market, quartz works well in heavily-trafficked spaces such as reception areas. While it is often used as countertops, it can also be used on floors, walls, and anywhere in between. 


At HanStone Quartz, we work to ensure our manufacturing process leaves a minimal eco-footprint, and we are also conscious of where our quartz is coming from. 

In many parts of the world where quartz is mined, the mining industry is the heartbeat of local economic growth and development, sustaining employment opportunities for generations. Some areas, such as the Yukon Territory in Canada, have developed specific legislation that ensures the development, competitiveness, and sustainability of the quartz mining industry.

Why Choose Quartz?

Whether it be a commercial kitchen, bathroom, or foyer, your commercial space will see more traffic than their residential counterparts. While many homeowners still choose natural stone surfaces, quartz is the best material for commercial spaces because of its durability, maintainability, aesthetics, and sustainability.

When building a commercial space, the last thing you want to worry about is the integrity of your building materials. Your space should be something you can depend on, and quartz will erase your worries. Durability means less need for repairs or replacements. Maintainability means fewer custodial costs, and sustainability means you can have confidence in the ethical integrity of your quartz product. 

At HanStone Quartz, our commercial products all come with a 10-year limited warranty for North America, and customers can choose from a variety of colors and styles, which can be found here.

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