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9 Stunning Black Quartz Countertops Design Ideas

Black countertops are a stylish addition to many kitchens and bathrooms. Whether glossy or matte, solid or veined, a black countertop has enduring style.

While black countertops can be found in a range of different materials, black quartz counters offer this style in a low maintenance, durable, solid slab. This means that you won’t need to spend a lot of time sealing, oiling, buffing out scratches, or any of the other maintenance that many countertops require.

Black quartz comes in several styles, as well. So, whether you want something subtle for a traditional kitchen or something eye catching for a contemporary bathroom, you can find just the right look. Check out these nine black quartz countertops design ideas to get inspiration for your next project.

1. Contemporary Bathroom Design

black quartz bathroom countertop

Wall hung sinks give the illusion of a larger, more open space. Made entirely out of Black Coral HanStone, this wall hung top has a clean, contemporary style. To keep the bathroom from becoming too dark, this black quartz has a sparkle to it that catches the light and draws the eye over to the area.

Topped with a white sink of similar lines, this countertop offers fashion and function blended seamlessly together.

2. Farmhouse Kitchen

black quartz kitchen countertop

There’s something appealing about a space that puts an emphasis on comfort and inviting design. This farmhouse style kitchen achieves that perfectly with a black quartz countertop with a white marble vein.

The white vein in the counter keeps the area from becoming too dark and too modern for the space. The white is picked up by the lighter colors of the backsplash, to blend the areas together, while the two-tone wood adds warmth to the room.

The glossy black quartz counter also contrasts well with the wood tones. This contrast is what helps bring the design into better focus.

3. Sleek Black Island

black quartz kitchen island

When a kitchen has an oversized kitchen island, it automatically becomes a focal point in the room. That makes the counter that you choose even more important from a design standpoint.

For contemporary spaces, a countertop in a solid color like black can help with minimalist design. This solid black quartz countertop gives an unbroken surface of color and shine, which is ideal for modern kitchens. The color also contrasts well with the colors of the cabinetry, making the entire room pop.

4. Transitional Bathroom Design

quartz bathroom counter black

Transitional bathrooms are unique and interesting spaces. They effortlessly blend traditional elements, such as marble walls and floors, with contemporary fixtures like a wall hung vanity.

The key to a successful transitional design, however, is the use of materials that have elements of both. In this case, the matte black quartz countertop.

With its slightly gray, soft-looking surface texture, the countertop has a more traditional appearance than a sleek, polished, solid black counter will. Yet, it’s still contemporary enough to easily support the vessel sinks and to blend in with the two-tone wall hung vanity it rests on.

5. Traditional Island Design

black quartz countertop

Black quartz countertops make beautiful additions to traditional kitchen islands, too. The key here is to use a countertop that has a secondary color to it – like white – that can visually break up the surface. In this case, the white flecks in the quartz perfectly match the white cabinetry nearby.

The warm color of the nearby wood helps to keep the black and white kitchen from becoming too stark and helps to elevate the entire design. This kitchen is elegant, traditional, and functional thanks to a quartz counter.

6. Counters with Interest

Just because a countertop is black does not mean that it needs to be devoid of interest. By choosing a black quartz countertop like Black Coral, it’s possible to have a design with depth as well as style and function.

The white flecks in the black surface allow for the use of other colors in the room without creating too great of a contrast. This allows the counter to blend in better with several styles and designs. At the same time, the white flecks allow the counter to have visual movement and interest that a solid black surface may otherwise lack.

7. Black Sparkle Quartz Countertops

When a countertop has some sparkle to it, it draws the eye of everyone near. Sparkles are often found in natural stones through the various minerals that go into their makeup. They can also be found in quartz countertops, combining that eye catching style with low maintenance durability.

This Obsidian Black quartz countertop has a subtle sparkle. It doesn’t add secondary colors, though, which gives it more versatility and use in design than many sparkling black granites.

8. The Look of Black Marble

While most people think of white or gray when think of marbles, black marbles also present a lot of appeal. The white veins help soften the surface, giving it a richer, more luxurious appearance.

Black marbles are impractical, however. The softness of the stone can lead to scratches and etching that harm the surface. Black quartz counters with a white veining, however, give you the look of a black marble, but without the tendency to scratch.

Your marbled, black quartz countertop won’t require the same care as a marble, counter, but it will draw the same level of attention.

9. Black and White Design

Black and white kitchen design never goes out of style. This classic look can be traditional or contemporary depending on the way it’s put together. To keep it from becoming too stark and formal, it helps to be able to blend the two slightly.

In this case, the black quartz countertop has a subtle white vein. This is picked up by the white subway backsplash, pulling the two colors together into one cohesive design.

Go Black

Black quartz countertops are low maintenance, durable, versatile, and beautiful. They encompass many different styles and work in a variety of spaces. When the time comes to invest in a new counter for your kitchen or bath, consider black quartz for the job.

For more information on black quartz collections, contact HanStone Quartz to talk with an expert.

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