Top 10 Design Trends in Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops for 2023

Top 10 Design Trends in Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops for 2023

Each year brings new design trends that homeowners can use as inspiration to transform their homes. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most crucial parts of your home. Every homeowner wants premium materials and stylish designs that enhance aesthetics while improving the practicality of these spaces. As we boldly step into another year, we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. 

If you are transforming your home’s kitchen and bathroom countertops and don’t know where to begin, this is the perfect guide. To help you turn your house into a place you feel proud to call home, we have created this guide on the 2023 design trends for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

By offering insight into the design trends that will dominate kitchen and bathroom countertop designs for years to come, this guide will give you all the ideas you need as you invest in your home improvement project. 

2023 Design Trends for Kitchen Countertops

This section of the guide will cover the 2023 design trends for kitchen countertops you can use as inspiration to transform your kitchen.

  1. Quartz Remains a Top Pick

    When selecting materials for the kitchen countertop, quartz still dominates 2023 design trends. With its natural appearance akin to granite and costing much less than the latter, it remains a popular feature in the modern kitchen.

  2. Waterfall Edges

    Kitchen countertops offer more room for creativity besides material selection. With its versatile, practical applications, there are several ways you can design a kitchen countertop. Integrating waterfall edges by extending the countertop at a 90--degree angle creates a more striking visual. While adding beauty and elegance, it creates a unique aesthetic that does not compromise functionality.

  3. Creating Integrated Sinks in Kitchen Countertops

    Another popular design trend dominating kitchens in 2023 is using integrated sinks. Rather than installing a sink inside the countertop, integrating the sink into the material itself creates a seamless, sleek, and elegant sink for the cooking area.

  4. Polished Countertop Finish

    When designing the countertop for a kitchen, the finish you use makes a world of difference. Polished kitchen countertops have always been and shall remain a popular design trend. Why polished kitchen countertops? Simply because they provide a soft sheen while enhancing the natural beauty of the stone underneath. On a purely aesthetic level, this makes them an essential feature in modern kitchens.

  5. Eco-Friendly Design

    With environmental protection and sustainability being the headliners for all design trends, it was only a matter of time before we saw these concerns find their way into the modern kitchen. Eco-friendly countertop designs made from recycled composite materials are all the rage these days as people look to reduce their carbon footprint and make their homes more sustainable.

    2023 Design Trends for Bathroom Countertops

    This section of the 2023 design trend guide will cover some of the latest developments in bathroom countertop designs you can expect to dominate in 2023.

  6. Granite Countertops

    An evergreen element in bathroom countertop design, granite countertops remain a popular feature for the modern bathroom. With specks and swirls beautifully veining through the surface, a granite countertop immediately gives any bathroom a more luxurious aesthetic. 

    Granite is a timeless material, both in practicality and design. It is stain-resistant, does not get damaged by heat or water, and adds a ton of value to your home. As pricey as it might be, investing in a granite countertop for your bathroom can be an amazing long-term investment.

  7. Engineered Stone Countertops

    Where granite countertops have dominated bathroom design trends for decades, engineered stone countertops are not far behind as a major trend. By recreating the texture and style of natural stone without the hassle of the maintenance that comes with it, these engineered stone countertops are poised to dominate the bathroom countertop market. 

    Made mostly of quartz particles, these engineered stone countertops feature nonporous surfaces that resist mold and mildew while staying safe from developing cracks and stains.

  8. Marble Countertops

    If you are looking for a way to beautify your bathroom while enhancing its functionality, few materials come close to the brilliance of marble. Marble countertops are designed for more luxurious bathrooms. 

    As remarkable a sight as marble countertops are, they are also more demanding than other materials. Prone to getting stained or scratched, installing a marble countertop in your bathroom means being mentally prepared to cover a lot of maintenance and treatment in the future.

  9. Concrete Countertops

    The industrial design aesthetic has made its way into every space in modern homes, from your kitchen to the bathroom. Concrete countertops are one of the most versatile options for your bathroom. Customizable enough to be cast into virtually any shape, you can dye them into various colors to suit your bathroom design. 

    Resistant to scratching, heat, and stains, these are perfect for busy bathrooms for homeowners who do not want countertops demanding excessive maintenance. With a bit of regular resealing, concrete bathroom countertops are an exceptionally popular 2023 design trend.

  10. Limestone Countertops

    If you’re looking for a more rustic aesthetic than what marble and granite offer but do not want to venture into industrial design territory, consider installing a limestone countertop in your bathroom. Often embedded with tiny shells and fossils, limestone is a porous stone that demands more maintenance to prevent stains and scratches. However, it can be the perfect addition to a luxurious kitchen, providing more character to the space it occupies.

Final Thoughts

Design trends come and go, but it is essential to remember that remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a big investment. Improving these crucial spaces does more than make them more practical and stylish. As a homeowner, you should also understand that executing well-planned remodeling projects around your home can enhance its value. 

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We hope this guide gives you all the inspiration necessary to transform your kitchens and bathroom.



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