KBIS 2024: Unveiling the Unexplored


KBIS 2024: Unveiling the Unexplored

In the ever-evolving world of quartz design, innovation is key. At Hyundai L&C, we've always been at the forefront of pushing boundaries and redefining industry standards. Over the past decade, the quartz design world has been captivated by the timeless allure of Calacatta. Though the design was a huge success, as trends often do, the industry yearned for a fresh and innovative design perspective.   


In 2023, we set out to create a look that would redefine industry trends. The result? The industry's very first quartz collections portraying the look of quartzites. 


In 2024, we're taking our commitment to innovation to new heights. 

From the intricate patterns of natural stone to the subtle nuances of color and texture, our newest collections are a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. We have delved deeper to represent the innate beauty and unique features of nature itself.  

This year, KBIS, we are bringing the Next Generation Quartz (NGQ) technology, which shows our emphasis on pushing industry boundaries and redefining standards.

The three main aspects of our NGQ technology effort are:

  • The use of clean energy and recycled water. 
  • Decreased amount of crystalline silica. 
  • The beauty of our quartzite-looking colors.

Our focus with Next Generation Quartz is to work on our goal of making people's lives more beautiful and doing that with a product that contains less crystalline silica and is made through more sustainable practices. 


For this year's KBIS, we will also bring you a great experience to share with friends, family, and colleagues. Our 360º photo booth will allow you to take a fantastic video, and if you post on your social media, tagging any of our two Instagram pages (Hanex or HanStone), we will gift the ones with more likes with great prizes.  


  • For first place, we will give a Samsung 85-inch TV.
  • For two second places, we will give a Nespresso coffee machine + a capsule starter pack. 
  • For five third places, we will give a Chefman double basket air fryer. 
  • And for other 20 people, we will give a Starbucks gift card. 


Join us on this journey as we redefine what's possible in quartz design and solid surfaces. Visit us at KBIS 2024 at our booth, North 2363, and experience the future of HanStone Quartz and Hanex Solid Surfaces firsthand.

Together, let's unveil the unexplored and shape the future of our industry. 

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